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A place where people move to to find some sort of comfort.
It's decent when it comes to social scenes, but it lacks of things to do. Usually fast food places are the only source of entertainment.. Besides the good friends you'll find around here. When you live in gresham, you learn gresham.
There's Mt. Hood Community College for all the people that want to get somewhere but don't want to try hard doing it. Which i find completely acceptable. There's plenty of stores and you can find a 711 on every block. Greshams the way to go when you don't know where to go.
-Hey man, whats going on tonight?
-I dunno bro, lets head to gresham.
by thisismynamefornow January 08, 2011
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One who is trashy and often slutty. To be Gresham you must do such things as Smoke a lot of weed, not go to school, make annoying facebook statuses, still have a myspace and check it, wear shirts with gems on them and act like you are a member of the jersey shore.
Dude did you see her hair?

Yeah dude sooooo Gresham.
by Hbreezy April 03, 2011
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