6 definitions by Pablo Waldrones

Thwarfing- Verb. 1)The act of throwing a dwarf.

2)When a small man fornicates with a large woman.
1)"I was playing Dungeons and Dragons and I found myself thwarfing to get past a batallion of Orcs."
2)"Tom Thwarfed Renee even though he was quite small in stature compared to her."
by Pablo Waldrones May 15, 2016
Noun: Friends that you consider family.
We be supa-tight. Yo, we Framily. friends family framily gravitude
by Pablo Waldrones May 27, 2015
The act of wearing cologne to mask the smell of ganja.
Tim had a stanky bag of reefer and had to colangha himself so as not to be detected by the police dogs at the airport.
by Pablo Waldrones January 11, 2019
The weight of your attitude as it applies to others.
The gravitude of this implication would be infinite to all who heard the speech.
by Pablo Waldrones January 20, 2015
His Fartune was mighty as he had eaten a hearty lunch of cabbage.
by Pablo Waldrones October 5, 2022
Billy Dachilly went to the banks and numbled a check in his favor. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
by Pablo Waldrones September 24, 2019