4 definitions by PaPrIfSFfg

An idiotic whore who is a fictional character in the terrible failed tv show gossip girl
Child: When I grow up, I want to be like Serena Van Der Woodson!
Mother: When did I go wrong!
by PaPrIfSFfg March 7, 2019
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Something you can't afford.
I want a Lamborghini
by PaPrIfSFfg December 6, 2018
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The time where you are 18 to 25, and are supposed to spend it doing fun and young things, but it is usually wasted playing Minecraft, Roblox, And Fortnite on Youtube.
This is supposed to be my prime years
by PaPrIfSFfg December 6, 2018
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Bob- how does that guy do that so well?
John-he's Asian
Bob-oh yeah
by PaPrIfSFfg January 7, 2019
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