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A woman who performs sexual favors on band members. Usually this is to heighten their status in the live music scene. Some women look up to this art and will brag about performing this duty.
"i only joined this band to get band sluts"
"we might be a shit band but we sure do get the band sluts"
"that band slut sucked my pipe last night old school, i am a rock god!"
"i don"t even like this music or know what the fuck it is about . I just go to gigs to be a band slut, and im a better person for it"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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A man or woman that will try and pick up your spouse or partner by way of the internet. Also they will use other forms of technology to do this. The sms or text message is one of their preferred methods also. This usually happens behind ones back. Also this is predominantly a male thing, nothing can be done about it, confronting ones partner or spouse and accusing them of flirting with these people will backfire and you will be the bad guy. They are extremely good at manipulation and usually have a few women/men on the go at once. Beware frequent IRC and Messenger sessions.
"im sick of these fucking net vultures tuning you"
"if that net vulture chats you up again ill kick his fucking ass" (this is a hard one to pull off, these people work behind a monitor thats why its so easy for them to feel no remorse whatsoever by picking up your partner. Although it is easy to kick a net vultures ass if you get the chance, they are usually low self esteemed geeks that cant pick up women in the real world.
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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A New Zealander usually of Maori decent. Derived from the popular New Zealand saying "cheers bro"
"that cherb can sure play rugby"
"seems they only hire cherbs as security in this joint"
"that fucking cherb guy kicked my ass real good"
"i went to cherb party and sung and played the guitar with them"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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Besides the main use referring to a firearm, some musicians use this term to describe a guitar.
"we need a new gat player"
"that guy is a kick ass gatsman"
"you play bass ill play gat"
"im on gat, bruce is on drums"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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Tough, But Not Fucking pussy tough like Van Damme.
Rad, Sometimes boggo is rad (see examples)
"man that guy is a boggo" Means he will kick your ass.
"fuck that band was boggo last night" A brutally heavy band.
"i cant beleive how boggo that test was" It was a very hard test. "that chick was a fucking boggo she sucked the shit out of my cock!" She was a very talented lass.
"i stabbed your girlfriends face off with my dick and fucked her with a rake" Clearly a boggo.
"gee that guy isn't very boggo much" This refers to an overly boggo person.
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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