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GLOAT : Greatest Loser Of All Time

(originated from irritation at a Subaru advert focused on GOOAT,

the "Greatest Outback Of All Time," an obvious ripoff of GOAT -

"Greatest Of All Time.," being compared to a mountain goat)

Someone with an IQ/ability inversely proportional to his actual
IQ/ability (ref: "E & B syndrome" and WOMBAT) who has somehow,
despite ALL "common sense," managed to procure a position of some
eminence and power and taken advantage of it to TOTALLY cock up
something under his control which adversely affects thousands
(more likely millions) of people whose descendants will likely
suffer from it for at least 13 generations.
It applies equally well to ANY level of idiocy, from a Hyacinth
type organizing committee chair bringing peanuts as a snack for a
child's day social event - focusing on ALLERGIES - at a local
children's hospital to a top-level politician because of religious
differences with another country's atheist vice-president.
"Wouldn't it be proof of karma if the GLOAT who dreamt up the cola
wars died choking on a Pepsi bottle cap while crossing the street
in front of a speeding Coke delivery van?"
by OzoneBoy February 27, 2021
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Indicating high magnitude ignorance and/or ineptitude - Not knowing one's Elbow from one's Backside.
Microsoft Word's automagic spelling checker/correcter displays a serious example of E & B Syndrome; especially when it changes - on the run - something as simple and useful as "accident prone area" to "accident porn area."
by OzoneBoy April 1, 2018
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What is the correct name for a co-worker who doesn't do any actual work?
"Co-Person, or possibly just 'leech.'"
(From Dilbert - 2018/10/17)
Magdalene is a verbal cascade during meetings but
a co-person the rest of the time, leaving me and the rest
of the engineers under a work- and time-commitment
avalanche in her stead.
by OzoneBoy October 17, 2018
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Sales entity - person or company unit - not properly educated regarding product or its target audience. The type of person who, when asked in personal life what kind of computer s/he has, would sincerely answer, "a grey one." This same lack of understanding also pervades its approach to sales and support .
The word itself is a simple portmanteau of "vendor" and "dork."
We told the vendork we needing an IT infrastructure for data exchanges and processing of anywhere from 1024 to 65536 terabytes per day with near-instant recall and integration of prior data and faultless backups for data security and he, honestly, suggested we might start by checking IKEA for some sturdy shelves.
by OzoneBoy September 5, 2019
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As with 69, a sexual position in which the
participants engage in simultaneous reciprocal
oral sex. However, 69 has two participants, while
103.5 has three. This will require some creativity
with positioning, although the most likely
implementation would have all three suckers
lying on their sides - same side (left or right)
for each - in a circle. It helps if all three
have the same dominant hand (right-handed or
left-handed) so they can each lie on the side
opposite that hand, leaving that hand free for
additional stimulation of one's suckee.
Note that this should work equally well for
any distribution of physical genders among participants.
It should also extend fairly easily to 4 (or more) players.
The term was derived from simple math associated
with extending 69 from 2 to 3 players - we multiplied
69 by 3/2 to get 103.5.
Since we have Cheeky joining us tonight, Snookums, how about we double our snacking by book-ending our festivities with 103.5?
by OzoneBoy February 3, 2020
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