11 definitions by OrganDisplayer1912

Adj; the name of a forty year old white woman who is into astrology, healing crystals, and most importantly, crystal methamphetamines. She typically has 4 metric tons of makeup on her face at any givin time, granting her the strongest neck muscles of any human to ever live.
Joe: "Hey Crystal"

Crystal: * high on every single drug ever *
by OrganDisplayer1912 November 11, 2021
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A game that ends as many friendships as it creates.
$teven,"I love minecraft"
@very," Steven, end your life"
by OrganDisplayer1912 April 29, 2021
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The sewer is backed up and there is feces everywhere
Please help the feces-urine mixture is raising (osha)
by OrganDisplayer1912 January 25, 2022
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Heart (noun) typically used for crushing, breaking, or smashing. The word is also used in literary every song that has ever existed, and every song that will existed. It is almost always destroyed by someone who you care about but can also be destroyed by something called type 2 diabetes.
$teven: "yo you broke my heart yo"
@very: "why would you use yo twice in a sentence Steven"
by OrganDisplayer1912 January 23, 2021
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Someone who has sex with somebody else
"Are you Lithuanian?"
"Stop asking me that"
by OrganDisplayer1912 April 19, 2021
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Sus (Adjective) typically describes something the imposter is, or will be at some point. Once an imposter happens to be sus, there will be great excitement and perhaps an amogus
$tig:" Your so sus"
$hut: "you used the wrong your"
by OrganDisplayer1912 May 14, 2021
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A pastry that seems like a nice treat, but just don't feed it to your parrot.
$teven," I love 🍪 cookie"
@very," nobody asked"
by OrganDisplayer1912 April 29, 2021
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