5 definitions by Oracuda

femboytheism, the religion of femboys.

rule 1. astolfo is our god
rule 2. there is only one god
rule 3. there are only 3 rules
fuck christianity and fuck atheism, im with femology now
by Oracuda July 31, 2021
Chinese Communist Party, The actual term is CPC "Communist Party Of China" But CCP is used by liberals who know no better than "muh ccp"
the CCP is censoring you on reddit?
bitch i wish they was stfu
by Oracuda September 16, 2021
when you raid someone so hard in rust you core em like an apple
clan 1: did clan 3 get raided?
clan 2: yeah they got cored like an apple
by Oracuda September 15, 2021