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Truly great American. He fought for our country in the Vietnam War, and then, in 2004, fought for our country against the Sinister Monkey.
There is no excuse for America's not electing John Kerry as President. Absolutely none at all.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 2, 2005
The frontman of the band Pray for the Soul of Betty. Kohb Records rescued him from American Idol obscurity.
Isn't it wonderful that Constantine Maroulis got signed to Kohb and will now be producing records for hopefully a long time?
by Ophelia Desdemona May 1, 2005
The poor man charged with the responsibility of globetrotting with President Bush and making sure none of the international leaders really take his comments seriously.
Colin Powell: I'm so sorry, Mr. Chirac. Mr. Bush didn't actually mean he thinks the French are pussies. Rather, he thinks of them as cats of a refined nature.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 2, 2005
A vast, lively city that is never the same twice. It looks like your typical mild-mannered, politically correct city, but the area's residents know that it is far more. Truly uplifting people, amazing turnouts for sporting events, lots of beer, Pennsylvania's largest concentration of Gothic Lolitas, a wonderful indie music scene, and some great colleges.

Also, there is so much water. Three rivers meet at an area Pittsburghers have come to call The Point, and there's a cool fountain and picnic area there. Pittsburgh is also notorious for flooding.

Finally, Pittsburgh's weather is off-the-wall. It's May as I'm writing this, and we had snow two weeks ago, warm-ish rain last week, and this week we're expecting it to be cold. Still.
Going on vacation? Come to Pittsburgh. You may have to stay in Monroeville because there aren't any hotels in the city, but look on the bright side--it's only a twenty-minute ride from any of our suburbs to the city itself...!
by Ophelia Desdemona May 2, 2005
A funny, intelligent, honest, not to mention sexy judge on American Idol. Yes, the show is shit. He, however, is not. He's the only judge who actually has an opinion, and he gives it freely. He speaks his mind.
Simon Cowell is sexy.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 4, 2005
The mother of all oxymorons. Also the excuse that Republican presidents use to perpetrate such "just wars" as the current war on Iraq.
"Military intelligence" tells us that whichever country next chooses to oppose the USA is deserving of supreme vengeance.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 2, 2005
An absolutely amazing website. Once a really cool place to hang out, and home to some fun, entertaining quizzes, it has now fallen into fanfiction hell. If you load the site's Top Rated list, you'll get something to the effect of "A date with Harry Potter, volume 181" and/or "LeStat and You Vol. 8: THE LEMON!"

However, not all of Quizilla is bad. Behind the cliche romances, the porn, and the bad Anne Rice fanfiction, there are some really good quizzes. "Claim Your Wings" and "What Color is Your Heart?" are two great ones, but there are countless others.

The other great part about Quizilla is the people. The site is based in Salt Lake City, the home of its sweet, witty owner, who works his ass off on a daily basis. The users, for the most part, are awesome people as well. Chaoscomesatnite, Freyja525, SarahLyn, and Shattered-Sorrow are awesome people, as are the other people who make actual quizzes, not just those terrible romances and porn. (Although the romance writers are the perkiest, kindest people you'll ever meet.)

All in all, Quizilla is definitely worth a visit, despite the awful downtime.
Marie: Nicolette, have you ever heard of Quizila.com?
Nicolette: No.
Marie: Well, it's awesome.
Nicolette: Ok.
by Ophelia Desdemona May 4, 2005