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1. a suburb about 20 minutes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. a vast desolation whose population consists primarily of elderly white couples and trashy soccer moms. Despite the barage of dinky signs that appear to indicate otherwise, every road in Monroeville ultimately leads to Northern Pike. The majority of its tax money is spent on exceedingly useless things, and it's only redeeming quality is that it isn't Pitcairn.
1. Your mom lives in Monroeville.

2. Oh, your mom lives in Monroeville? That explains a lot.
by Eris Nox March 01, 2009
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Monroeville, a tiny shit hole. It's located in South Jersey, more specifically in Gloucester County. It has more fields than people and there are no such things as neighbors. Say good-bye to civilization when you set foot in this town. Say hello to your new friends who have less than 5 teeth per family. You're not in Jersey anymore when you enter this place.

You're in the south.
"Dude, I live in Jersey."
"Oh, so like, you dig cities and go to the shore all the time?"
"Hell to the no. I pick corn and ride my tractor."
"Yeah, I live in Monroeville."
"Oh...Hicksville. Got it."
by allieallosaurus February 22, 2009
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