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The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. On the outside she's feisty, funny and caring but on the inside she's got a sweet and sensitive side that only the people who get close to her will see.
She's the type of girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, the type that you could imagine marrying and having kids with.

Overall, she's just an amazing person and you would be an idiot to miss any chance you get with her because there's no one else like her.
BG: Amina I think I'm falling for you...
Colin: Hey, back off she's mine!
BG: we shall fight to the death!!!!!!
by BritishGuy May 13, 2014
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Amina is the kind of girl that makes heads turn and stands out in crowd. She is is fun and outgoing but doesn't like to hang out in large groups. She is a free spirit, navigating land, sea, books and the internet looking for answers, for purpose, and for the truth. If she likes you she will make you laugh like crazy and tease you until you can't take it anymore. But don't be scared if she pushes you away or disappears for hours or even days, it doesn't mean that she is running off- it only means that she needs her alone time.

She is very emotional but will not depend on you to manage them, as she likes to do this on her own- but if you really love her, stick with her, because if you eventually gain her trust, you might be lucky enough to have her open up her heart to you, and if she does you will feel very special because she doesn't allow anyone so close easily. Love her, appreciate her, cherish her, and she might choose to spend with you her alone time, or maybe, if you are lucky enough, the rest of her life.
1: Did you see that stunning girl who just passed by? Wish I could take her number!
2: Dream on bro! Thats Amina!
by PureSoul May 08, 2018
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A funny girl, who makes the best jokes. So pretty and smart everyone loves her so much!!!!!!!! She loves travelling and can't wait to experience the world.
by Hey_itz_becca May 06, 2018
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A funny, charismatic and bubbly girl with stunning looks and absolutely gorgeous eyes.. Whilst often misunderstood she is undeniably precious and can really brighten up people's world - She is truly god's gift.
Boy1: Man, could you imagine being with that Amina chick??
Boy2: One can only dream...
by TeenageeeeDirtbag October 23, 2011
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Arabic for honest, loyal, trustworthy and faithful.

A common islamic name, also the name of the prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) mother.
Amina is from Toronto, but she has travelled the world.
by mayebella July 12, 2006
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she is fuckin drop dead gorgeous she is the most blunt bitch youll meet and shell beat ur ass and finesse you bitch

from one queen to one queen you wanna be amina bc she is money

thats amina you know her ....

nah but god damnnnn i want to
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can be defined as a ferocious being, fashionista, one who lives life in the FAB lane, manifestation of fabulosity, can pull of any outfit... even when covered and dressed modestly, extremely beautiful, blessed with gorgeous features, multi-lingual coming from an exotic background. Just .... overall amazing being.
Girl one: Damn i wished i looked as good as Amina.
Girl two: yeah, don't we all.
Girl one: May God bless her, she pulls off the abaya so well.
Girl two: i know, i wished i was one quater as fabulous as she.
Girl one: ahhh, we can only dream.
Girl two: *sigggggghhhhhh*
by tresalamode June 07, 2009
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