Southern colloquialism
def., ghost, apparition, lost soul
On his way back from Mobile my friend was killed on Bloody 98, and now he's just another restless haint.
by Big C August 15, 2003
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Chiefly Southern U.S. var of haunt, originally, but the meaning has since morephed to mean more than a ghost. It can also mean a scary bitch or mean person, usually a woman.
I tried to kill her with kindness, but that haint is just full up with meanness.
by Kaptain Amerika November 3, 2004
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It's Halloween; watch out for the boogers, witches,and haints
by elkento May 6, 2004
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1. A hateful bitch.

2. A truly heinous she-devil so brutal that anachronistic and unusual colloquial slang is called for.
That haint never leaves a tip and still has a George W. Bush sticker on the back of her pink Hummer.
by Memphis Jay February 21, 2008
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a truly scary, evil witch
That mean, ugly hag is a real haint.
by nice southern girl October 2, 2009
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My grandmother used to tell me, when seeing me with my hair uncombed, "you look like a haint from Georgia"!
by Laylababy August 13, 2015
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A ghost that haunts one's taint.
I felt an icy cold skeleton finger dragging itself across my taint; I looked down and there was a haint haunting my taint.
by Old Dirty Andrew September 3, 2010
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