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a FOB graduate student that cannot afford graduate school, so they help teach an undergraduate college class in exchange for free tuition.

They are often very knowledgeable about the topic that they teach, but are absolutely incompetent when it comes to teaching it due to their inability to speak to speak English fluently.
teaching assistant: ok, I wecmnd you use matrab, na mapre. if use mapre, open de sheet, and you see de sheet, and you type commands. I herp if you need herp.

by OlegTheGreat March 30, 2009
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Any statement which compares the number of men attending an event to the amount of women attending an event.
Peter North: Yo, what's the ratio gonna be like?
Ron Jeremy: I don't know. I think it's mostly going to be women.
Peter North: Sweet! I'm going to fuck all of them.
Ron Jeremy: No! I will fuck them all!
Peter North: There's only one way to settle this! Cockfight!!!
by OlegTheGreat December 31, 2009
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spelled Cyka in russian.

The only word that most Americans know in Russian. Usually taught to them by Russians who like to indulge their American friends' requests to "learn some Russian"

Translates to "bitch".

Not to be confused with "Sukot", the Jewish holiday, or the tent related to the event, a "suka".
"Suka blat! On ukral ot menya sto baksov!"
(Bitch fuck! He stole 100 bucks from me!)
by OlegTheGreat December 14, 2008
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To get tricked into arguing.

Refers to a Russian TV political pundit named Igor Kravchenko. He would always argue incessantly with his guests, even when they are in agreement with him. His guests often come on the show intending to express a fairly benign view, but Kravchenko always manages to pull them into an argument.
translated from Russian:
Guest: Education is one of the key building block of our future.

Kravchenko: Oh really? Then what about the construction workers that don't have an education? Are you implying they don't have a future? Are you saying that the only way you can be a part of the Russian future is to get educated.

Guest: Well, no, I'm just saying education is important.

Kravchenko: How important is it? Are we going to look down on those that don't have an education? Are we going to treat them as lesser people?

Guest: I just think Russia would be better off if we had a better education system.

Kravchenko: Ah, so you admit it. You look down on the uneducated people in our fine country. You see them and believe they would be better as academics.

Guest: I suppose it would be better if we had more academics in the country.

Kravchenko: WHAT????????????? You're a prejudicial pig.

LOL he's getting Kravchenko'd
by OlegTheGreat October 11, 2011
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The russian word for "russian".
it IS often used as a racist term for russians, but very few people are brave enough to use racist terminology against russians, because Russians are usually buff, and can kick the crap out of anyone.
American: "Hey Ruski! Get the fuck out of our country you commie bastard"
Russian: "Shto ti skazal, skatina?!! Now you dead!" *Russian proceeds to beat the crap out of the ignorant American*
by OlegTheGreat October 11, 2006
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A word describing a sound that sounds like the sound.

examples of onomatopoeias:
by OlegTheGreat March 29, 2009
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The condition some people get when the person whom they are chatting to online does not respond for an extended period of time.

People with NRS will believe that the reason the person they are chatting to has not responded is because they were offended a statement the NRS-victim said.

It is most commonly cured by a response from the person that wasn't responding before.

Sometimes it can elevate to hole-digging, when the NRS-victim feels they've REALLY screwed up.

This hole-digging in turn can lead to more NRS. This cycle can eventually lead to dementia.
Typical case of No-response Syndrome
JaneDoe: My boobs aren't too big, right?
JohnDoe: Haha yeah, your boobs are the biggest I've seen in a while?
/no response from JaneDoe/
*thinks to himself* Oh god! Did I offend her? Did she realize I was being sarcastic? What if she didn't? Is she going to hate me for saying her boobs are too big? I've been really wanting to get with her, but if she gets angry, I'll have no chance. Maybe I should say something to show I'm kidding.

JohnDoe: I was kidding, you know. Your boobs aren't that big. In fact, they're some of the smaller ones I've seen.

/no response from JaneDoe/
by OlegTheGreat March 27, 2009
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