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The russian word for "russian".
it IS often used as a racist term for russians, but very few people are brave enough to use racist terminology against russians, because Russians are usually buff, and can kick the crap out of anyone.
American: "Hey Ruski! Get the fuck out of our country you commie bastard"
Russian: "Shto ti skazal, skatina?!! Now you dead!" *Russian proceeds to beat the crap out of the ignorant American*
by OlegTheGreat October 10, 2006
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The condition some people get when the person whom they are chatting to online does not respond for an extended period of time.

People with NRS will believe that the reason the person they are chatting to has not responded is because they were offended a statement the NRS-victim said.

It is most commonly cured by a response from the person that wasn't responding before.

Sometimes it can elevate to hole-digging, when the NRS-victim feels they've REALLY screwed up.

This hole-digging in turn can lead to more NRS. This cycle can eventually lead to dementia.
Typical case of No-response Syndrome
JaneDoe: My boobs aren't too big, right?
JohnDoe: Haha yeah, your boobs are the biggest I've seen in a while?
/no response from JaneDoe/
*thinks to himself* Oh god! Did I offend her? Did she realize I was being sarcastic? What if she didn't? Is she going to hate me for saying her boobs are too big? I've been really wanting to get with her, but if she gets angry, I'll have no chance. Maybe I should say something to show I'm kidding.

JohnDoe: I was kidding, you know. Your boobs aren't that big. In fact, they're some of the smaller ones I've seen.

/no response from JaneDoe/
by OlegTheGreat March 26, 2009
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A word used to call someone a bitch without actually saying "bitch".
Oleg: you b----snitch
Lisa: a bsnitch? Wait, did you just call me a bitch?
Oleg: Nonononono. I'd never call you a bitch.
by OlegTheGreat March 19, 2009
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A reskin of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion that is an attempt at continuing the Fallout series.

While a good game in itself, the general consensus is that it DOES NOT adequately continue the Fallout game series, due to the lack of turn-based combat, humor, slight lack of continuity with the rest of the game series. It is also less of a free roam than the previous games, and has a much darker theme.

Positive aspects in relation to the rest of the series include making certain popular aspects of the other games 3-d and life-like (ghouls, super-mutants, brahmin, power armor)
An example of one of the continuity erros in Fallout 3 is that Vault-tec's headquarters was in the DC area, while in the previous games it was established that it was in in the west coast area.
by OlegTheGreat December 16, 2008
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1. The famous carbonated drink that only 5 people know the exact base to.

2. Any drink in which hot sauce has been put in as a prank. Generally, hot sauces of 600,000 Scoville or greater are used to minimize the amount needed, and thus minimize the chance of detection before it's too late.
A: He really embarrassed you with that picture of you passed out naked.

B: It's ok, I think I got him back.

A: How?

B: I gave him a "Dr. Pepper".

A: Made with what?

B: His favorite, Rum and Coke, with a bit of concentrated Capsaiccin solution added in.

A: You realize that might kill him?

B: Nah, I only put a tiny droplet of the solution in, but he definitely won't be having fun tonight.
by OlegTheGreat December 16, 2010
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Bloodlines is popular application for Facebook.
It's a game where you take on the role of a recently turned vampire.

The only way to progress through the game, generally, is to have lots of "clan members". Most often, your clan members are people you don't really know in real life, but you friend on facebook anyway for the sake of advancing in the game (you have to friend someone on facebook for them to join your clan).

There is also a system of "favors" that are given by the "mysterious cabal". Favors can be earned through achievements (such as growing your clan to a certain number of people);
Doing long, boring, and sometimes expensive sponsorship offers, or buying them straight out for a considerable sum of money.

Its players span many countries, and age groups, all of whom are hopelessly addicted to the game.
Raze: DUDE! I got a werewolf bloodslave!
Yazva: That's nothing! I got 2 of 'em!
Raze: Bloodlines is awesome!
Yazva: Yeah!
by OlegTheGreat March 23, 2009
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Well-known internationally acclaimed math professor who teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a master of Riemann Sums.
It's a Riemann Sum
Riemann Sum
Melvin Heard will teach you
the Riemann Sum...
by OlegTheGreat March 30, 2009
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