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Something most think is profound but in reality is pretentious and ostentatious.
Lois loved The Godfather, but Peter knew that it insists upon itself. He liked the Money Pit.
by Ole Gil September 10, 2007

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An American who wants to keep our strong military right here at home, end the debasement of our currency, and put our financial house in order.
There are more paulites every day.
by Ole Gil October 27, 2007

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A family friendly version of the word snart.

Sneezing and poofing at the same time.
Ooops, so sorry about that snoof
by Ole Gil February 25, 2011

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1) Full of pompous shit.

2) Someone who's already an asshole acting with bluster.
He came in the room all abluster.

Inspired by some dipshit in Apex, NC.
by Ole Gil August 10, 2007

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To tinker with a complex machine in a seemingly random way until it finally works properly.
More than 5 of us had to fiddlefuck with the imaging unit for many hours before it started to work properly.
by Ole Gil October 18, 2007

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A candidate for office so forgettable that by election day he could only inspire 2 previous definitions of his last name on the Urban Dictionary
biden, what's that? Oh, Biden! who's that?
by Ole Gil November 03, 2008

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The detailed language of a true engineer.
The meeting was excessively dragged out by the overuse of nyphonics.
by Ole Gil June 19, 2008

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