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An American who wants to keep our strong military right here at home, end the debasement of our currency, and put our financial house in order.
There are more paulites every day.
by Ole Gil October 27, 2007
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An avid supporter of Texas congressman Ron Paul. The Paulites are Ron Paul's loyal army of followers. Alan Combs coined the phrase when suggesting that the "Paulites" at home were rigging the post-debate poll by text messaging their vote more than once, even though that's totally impossible. I've tried.
If you believe in liberty, you might be a Paulite.
by Paulite November 01, 2007
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A disciple of the modern day prophet (and presidential hopeful) Ron Paul. They are also known to love Freedom.
Paulite: Google Ron Paul.

Brainwashed American Citizen: Hell No! Don't you see me wearing my Rudy Gear?

by JmShade November 03, 2007
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