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1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille convertible with wire wheels and custom pinstriping with a "Snoop DeVille" logo, as featured in the 50 Cent video "P.I.M.P (G-Mix)", and driven by Snoop Doggy Dogg in the video to transport his ho's to the P.I.M.P. Headquarters.
D-oh-double-G rolled up to the mansion in his Snoop Deville and let his bitches out.
by Occupant Ilied Industries January 14, 2004
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internet slang, short for "you cannot be serious"

used as an excited utterance when the poster simply cannot believe what was posted inthe thread.
OMG, u canot b serios, that would ruin all humanity!!! WTF???
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internet abbreviation for the word serious, usually used in combination with "r u" or "u canot be"
OMG WTF I AM SO SERIOS whine whine
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An affirmative response that is much more serious than a simple yes. Used by Strong Bad on Home Star Runner. Similar in use and nearly synonymous to the phrase, "very much".
StrongSad: Do you have a computer virus?
StrongBad: No.
StrongSad: Do you have 82,000 computer viruses?
StrongBad: Yes, very yes!!!
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used as excited utterance made when someone you don't know so intimately comes up and bites or pinches you on the nipple...

also used as general excited utterance, meaning something didn't go your way, or someone is being difficult and hard to please, or no one understands your plight in life...

also adj. to describe someone with any of the following qualities:

1) one who pinches nipples often
2) one who impedes others' progress
3) one who dates people in their peer group in rapid-fire order and leaves them wanting more, but always seems to be taken/unavailable
4) one who is incorrigible
"HEY!!!...ow...bitchnipple!!!" (as excited utterance)

You don't have to be such a bitchnipple about it.

If she wasn't such a bitchnipple, we'd probably be dating by now, but I don't like someone who's been around.

One of these days, you'll stop your bitchnipple ways!
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Internet slang meaning, "are you serious?", usually followed by the disbelieving remark, u canot b serios.

see serios
n00b: my license got suspended
reply: r u serios? u canot b serios! OMG WTF!
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A level of evil much greater than regular evil, that which includes the sheer horrendous pain of being fucked in the ass by someone more evil then you, which compounds the evil exponentially.
"I'm evil, evil, butt-fucking evil!!!" - Ozzy Osbourne, and who is more evil than Ozzy himself, eh?
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