1. v. to fuck up in a Lunchbox manner.
2. adj. fucked up; ruined
"God damn, Lunchbox sure lunched this part big time."
"Holy crap, that car is LUNCHED!"
by ipoopedmypants July 8, 2004
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Past-tense of the word lunch. See that definition for a good idea of what lunched is. It means to do something stupid, or to mess something up. It originated from the stoner-culture, and used to be associated with being high or burnt. But that is not always the case anymore. Go read the definition for lunch if you still don't understand.

You also hear, "lunched out". Same thing, just a different way to say it.

Definitely regional, I've only heard the word used in DC when I lived there, and we said it ALL the time! Since moving from there, no one I've met has ever heard of it.
Awww, man, I lunched! I drove all the way here and forgot the dang receipt!

After all that planning, he lunched out and walked through the security gate with a nug stuck to his fleece! Needless to say, he got arrested, what an idiot!
by OTT August 1, 2005
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(v) past tense of to lunch meaning to beat someone up
"i lunched that kid yesterday"

"you got lunched yesterday"
by djnickybones December 18, 2009
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n. a state of wellbeing, usually characterised by positive emotions, ranging from contentment to euphoria. The feeling usually occurs during or after a much-needed midday meal with friends.
interj. Used to express anticipation of the euphoria to follow.
n. ah, that cheeseburger was good. So much lunchness.. :)

n. last summer I had so much lunchness in my life.

interj. A: Let's go to that new restaurant on the corner.

B: Oh lunchness, yes!
by bleurb May 1, 2011
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This word was very popular in and around the Washington DC area. I first heard the word circa 1985 in high school. Veriable definition. Could be crazy, high, insane, tripping, pissed or thousands of other meaning. Definition is dependent upon the context. Example
"My friends mom sold me some bomb weed and then tried to get with me?! THAT CHICK IS LUNCHING!"
by grubbm2 February 6, 2016
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D.C. Metro area term for being absurd, ridiculous, or idiotic.

i.e. out to lunch
She wore what?--she be lunching.
by BB June 22, 2004
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Michael Riversongs cat
(rattish voice) OOOOOOOOH LUNCH!!!!
by beans January 23, 2005
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