5 definitions by OGsoulskata

-an evolution of the text abbreviation "lol"meaning to "Laugh ALL THE WAY out loud". Beyond a regular "lol" to the point where you surprised yourself. You did just "laugh out loud" but now someone you don't know is looking around to see whats up
Friend: wow that new vids sooo funny lol
Me: latwol true! Thanks btw now the bus driver on route 3 totally thinks I'm crazy
by OGsoulskata May 28, 2015
"Whoa that coat is straight suede, how much did it cost?"
by OGsoulskata March 10, 2016
Co worker: Sup feeling better today?
Me: Yeah sorry. Seriously non stop beef water
by OGsoulskata March 31, 2016
ree-de-pic-u-luss -a fusion of epic & ridiculous
That song was ridepiculous! Is this even real?!
by OGsoulskata October 25, 2016
Another word for cool, legit, or awesome. Probably makes a few of the un moist people in the area hilariously uncomfortable.
Me: Nice that new window tint is MOIST! Friend: Thanks friend! Eavesdropper: Ewww gross I hate that word!
by OGsoulskata October 25, 2016