17 definitions by Nugget

a bad situation or act that just happened.(originated from scary movie 3)
"Oh gznghar, i dropped all the groceries on the floor."
by Nugget March 26, 2005
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"An idiot or moron", originated from street language.
"My sister is a pooperdooper cause she stole my candy."
by Nugget March 30, 2005
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The day when you're finally able to get your hard revenge for being wronged.

Tough Reckoning Day.

Tuff Reckonin' Day.

Tof Reknin Day.
You know that guy who took the parking space I was waiting on? When I get my hands on that guy it'll be a Tof Reknin Day.
by nugget March 16, 2005
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tiny pieces of pubic hair growing on a womans face
martha stewart has so many boodlechunkers that she likes to beat up koala bears on the streets of Maine
by nugget May 15, 2004
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Friend of a couple of Kaytilu
A Loud person, that is somewhat annoying.
I'm a TaNeug because my friends are rather funny and I'm the loudest person they have ever known.
by Nugget April 16, 2005
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the petrol tank of a four cylinder car
The fuelgry is empty
by Nugget September 11, 2003
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A rather funny person
a comedian can only be a Kaytilu if they make me laugh
by Nugget April 16, 2005
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