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What you get when you connect to your neighbor's wireless (or wired, for that matter) internet, with or without his or her knowledge.
Didja hear? Johnny connected his wireless ethernet card to his neighbor's wireless network, and now he's got neighbornet!
by nubluva December 26, 2006
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1. An upper-body limb on a human.

2. A weapon, typically a gun of some sort.

3. Apparantly, a very under-appreciated word on the Urban Dictionary, seeing as how this is the first post under this word.
1. I just spilt hot wax on my arm.

2. The guy who robbed the bank was armed.

3. Nubluva found an old word that many people use, but no one has yet defined on Urban Dictionary.
by Nubluva April 09, 2006
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Mr. T's version of our own average, pitiful, England-originating, latin-based, taking-from-basically-all-languages language.
Where a normal guy might say, "I feel sorry for whoever ticks me off next..."

Mr. T will say, "I pity the fool who looks at me funny!"

(That was an example of Mr. T-glish, just so you know, since UD needs me to use "Mr. T-glish" in the example)
by nubluva April 02, 2007
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This is the calculator display read "eleven cubed plus six."

1337, or leet.

This is because (11^3)+6=1337

See also, the spoken word: eleven cubed plus six.
ub3r n00b, I pwnt u, i 4m t3h (11^3)+6
by nubluva March 29, 2007
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Wrong, or of being wrong, or from of being of from wrong (or an error, if that makes more sense)
David: so, you're like, an artificial program?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Indeed, I am. I was created by the government to converse with interesting people such as yourself, so that I may improve upon current human knowledge of artificial intelligence.

David: you mean you were created by the army to test the army's knowledge of a.i., right?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Wrong! You are mistaken! Your logic is falable! Erroneous! Erroneous! Erroneous!

David: erroneous? isn't that, like, a greek god, or something?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Wrong! Erroneous! Erroneous!
by nubluva April 15, 2006
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A synonym for "Beat That."

This is because almost all of the "Hot Wheels" commercials constantly shout the phrase, so much in fact, that the two have become interchangeable.
*random person is sniped by n00b*

n00b: Hot Wheels!
by nubluva March 02, 2007
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Eleven cubed plus six equals one thousand three hundred thirty seven.

In calculator mode;
Eleven cubed plus six: (11^3)+6,
One thousand three hundred thirty seven: 1337.

1337 is a synonym for leet. Also, a type of speak (or 1337 5p34k) that is used to be "cool" by internet chatters, or to be humorous by overusing it to make fun of how overused it now is by almost every internet chatter.
nubluva: dont dout my power, n00b, i can hax ur c0mputer, steal ur pr0n and pleasur myse1f

Guy: Wow, you're... You're eleven cubed PLUS six.

nubluva: sure am
by nubluva March 29, 2007
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