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To define "nubluva," "n00b" and "nub" must first be defined. If you don't like my definitions, you may check out their own by typing the word into the search box above, lol

n00b: Someone who is new to a video game or a forum and thusly, they suck at it.

nub: Someone who isn't new to a game, but they still really suck. (I recommend looking up this one on it's own)

nubluva: Someone who loves to fight n00bs and nubs in video games for an easy pk.
Jason is a nub at Halo. David sorta-kinda is okay.

Jason and David happen to be in the same game.

Jason and David are not on the same team.

David hunts down Jason and caps his ass twenty times.

Jason is a nub, and David is a nubluva.
by nubluva September 29, 2006
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