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Quiet possibly the strongest strand of Marijuana there is out there. When sold instead of being the normal green, it's a dark yellow color where the name derives from. This strand will usually cause you to get a high that will result in you black spots around your eyes and extreme laughing.
I smoked Bumblebee haze out of my boys bowl last night, dude it was the highest I've ever been.
by NuRdRMsZ August 11, 2009

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God's gift to College students. AKA Adderall.

*Because when you pour them out of the zippy, they bounce all over the place.
Bro 1: Bro, I got so many finals coming up next week I need to study for.
Bro 2: I was just about to buy some scatterballs from my boy downtown. how many do you want?
by nurdrmsz December 07, 2011

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A typical type of chain found in silver, or gold. Typically worn by guineas during the club scene. Can be found around the wrists or necks.
look at that guinea wearing that figaro necklace. I want one.
by NuRdRMsZ May 28, 2010

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1) Best 99cent drink you could buy: An iced tea drink that is 1/2 ice tea and 1/2 lemonade produced by Arizona ice tea company. Known as Half and Half in some erotic locations throughout the globe.

2) The act of looking at a girl, and not being able to decide if she's cute or not; At times she looks decent, but at other times she looks hideous.
1) Just went into the gas station and spent the best $1 of my life on an Arnold Palmer.

2) Bro A : So bro, I was looking at her and I really wanted to f*ck her, but then I looked again and I wanted to hit her.
Bro B: You got yourself an Arnold Palmer. hit it and quit it.
by NuRdRMsZ September 06, 2010

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