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What 95% of the definitions on this website consist of. Could have nothing to do with the word that is searched, yet still be one of the definitions.
I looked up basketball and sex and weed made up half of the god damn definitions. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same thing on every fckin word I look up. For example, (n. Slang term for marijuana) or (v. When you are banging your girl and...)
by NotMattStru November 26, 2009
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A person who watches an opponent's part of the screen in a split screen video game (such as Call Of Duty) to see where they are so they can sneak up and kill them. Usually, it is very simple to see if someone is screen watching.

For example, if you see that someone is standing in one spot for a long time and you then scope with your sniper from across the map and they run away right when you start to aim, this is a sign of a screen watcher.

Another example would be a Matt Cowan. This is when you know your opponent does not have radar and you did not shoot your weapon, so your opponent has no way of knowing where you are. A screen watching opponent would take a peek at your screen and then throw a "random" frag grenade across the map and easily kill you. This is another sign of a screen watcher.
Cacioppo: Tyler! What the fuck! You're such a screen watcher! How did you know I was in that building?!

Tyler: Wow, I didn't screen watch at all. Actually, I went into a random building and saw you there so I knifed you.



Paulo: Wow, Stru, how did you know I was there?

Stru: I saw you on my radar.

Paulo: But you don't have radar...

Stru: ...oh.
by NotMattStru December 8, 2009
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What you say when you know the shot you're taking (in a game of basketball) is gonna be so wet, it sounds like a guy biting a apple. (Wet meaning "all net")
Paulo: Who wants to get shit on?
Stru: *goes and D's paulo so Stru puts his hand in his face as Paulo takes the shot*
Shot: *quoof*
by NotMattStru December 16, 2009
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A bullshit attachment that noobs use when playing Call Of Duty. In case you never played the game, it sticks out of your primary weapon and red dots flash on it when an opponent is near. When using a weapon with a heartbeat sensor attached, the user will usually camp in a corner of a room and watch it closely until someone comes close so they can easily kill their opponent. In my opinion, it is a more annoying attachment than the noob tube.
Stru: WTF! How the hell did he know I was there?! I didn't know it was possible to screen watch online!

Bryan: Nah, man. Calm your nuts. It was just another noob and his heartbeat sensor.
by NotMattStru January 23, 2010
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When you point out something to make someone else look quickly, but what you said was there really isn't. It is only a broken neck if the person turns their head to look at it. If you did break their neck, then you place your hand on the back of their neck and "run it". If you really look, but said you didn't and don't accept the fact that you got your neck broken, this is called being a Cowan or Matt Cowan.
James: Oh my god, Stru, look! It's snowing outside.
Stru: *quickly looks but it is actually a bright sunny day*

James: Broke ya neck! *runs Stru's neck*
Stru: ...Fuck!


Cacioppo: Yo Cow! Is that Mark over at the basketball court?
Cowan: *looks towards the court and nobody is there*
Cacioppo: Damn! Broke ya neck!
Cowan: What the fuck are you talking about I didn't look at all!
Cacioppo: Ay..don't be a Cowan.
by NotMattStru December 11, 2009
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(ca-see-oh-poh) n. What you would call someone who misses a lot of school (once or twice a week on average) for no apparent reason at all. Sometimes leads to alternate classes.
James: Yo Matt, how come you weren't in school today?
Cacioppo: Nah, yo, I got a dentist appointment tomorrow.
by NotMattStru December 16, 2009
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Just about the whole New England Patriots' 2009-2010 roster. (Maroney, Green-Ellis, Wilhite, Meriweather, etc.)
But just the black ones have dreadlocks.
by NotMattStru November 15, 2009
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