this "got your neck" thing is weird......
so if one person goes like 👌 with their hand below the waist or above the head the other person cannot look
you have to put your index finger in the hole of their hand (yes, it symbolizes sex.... but don't take in that way)
if the other looks at their hand, the other person slaps their neck and says "got your neck"
Dave: is this your pencil, bro? *puts 👌 under waist*
Greg: *looks down at hand* goddammit
Dave: *slaps Greg's neck* got your neck!

Greg: eff u
by seal ion February 18, 2019
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when you get someone to look at your hand, BELOW THE WAIST, making the okay symbol with your fingers. very common at most schools and immature people.
Ricky: I think you dropped your pencil.
Bhecki: oh let me get that
Bhecki: rUde
by yourmomsis March 16, 2019
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A phrase that is used by all of the douche bags, and the hockey kids at your school. Usually the more they say it the smaller their dick is.
ex. Josh: Whats up bud

Zack: Not much bro

Josh: Got Your Neck

Zack: What? That makes no sense.
by Cody Grant June 1, 2018
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