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Translates as "night creature", and can refer to any creature of the night; werewolves, zombies, vampires, demons, etc.

When used for vampires, it usually refers to the more grotesque breed (such as the creature from the original silent film "Nosferatu"), as opposed to the more popularized, handsome breed (such as the vampires from "Interview with the Vampire").
The Nosferatu will soon turn the young maiden into one of his own.
by Nosferatu June 20, 2003

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Used to describe any living creature that is technically deceased; zombies, vampires, etc.
The army of the undead shall destroy the living world.
by Nosferatu June 20, 2003

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One who obsesses about something or someone to an unhealthy extent, sacraficing most, if not all, of their social life.

Often used (incorrectly) by American anime fans as a trendy term to describe themselves.
Correct usage: anata wa otaku desu. (You are a nerd.)

Incorrect usage: I like anime, so I'm an otaku. (This is, however, correct if the person saying it has no life outside of anime.)
by Nosferatu June 20, 2003

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tatehead: a.k.a. : Chav, Charver, Tosh, Kev, Ned, Scally, Townie, Barry, (female: kappa slappa)

etc etc etc
I got beaten up by a herd of tateheads last week.
by Nosferatu December 28, 2004

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Idiot that usually says "AIEEEEEE!"
Dammit Cybor12 stop screaming profanity from behind that block.
by Nosferatu August 01, 2004

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Word used by narrow-minded, usually popular, usually white male high school student (who, coincidently, usually try to be black), to describe people who like anime. People who use this term usually use it because it's "un-cool" to like anime, because it's 'kids stuff'. These people have never sat down and watched an actually good anime, such as Evangelion, Hellsing, X/1999, Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun. Can usually be spotted by their skate punk clothes, shaved head, and *coughtinydickcough*.
All anime r teh s uck! I have a tiny little baby dick!
by Nosferatu June 25, 2003

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