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I don't care. A sentence used by people with limited intelligence and/or social skills. Probably they had cold mothers.
person: 'My Mum just died.'

retard: 'Talk to the hand...'


person: 'I want to kill myself'

retard: 'Talk to the hand'
by Nooknoodle December 8, 2005
Sex, naked cuddle.Something you do when you haven't seen your husband all week and you are both stressed out because of your responsibilities. You go back to bed on the weekend and just nookie.
c'mon...no more fights...let's go have a nookie.
by Nooknoodle October 4, 2005
An amazing person who always knows just what to say. Always manages to calm me down when I'm having a bad day. My best friend, although he'll never know it.
Dr Phil told me I am making excuses and that I seriously need to stop looking for the bad in people.
by Nooknoodle October 27, 2005
Coveting another person's life and/or material possessions.An extremely destructive emotion. It is not fuelled by love. It is fuelled by the fear of failure.
Jealousy destroys friendships and prevents people from experiencing real happiness.
by Nooknoodle January 19, 2006
When you care for someone so much, you put their needs ahead of your own, even if sometimes it really hurts.
by Nooknoodle January 17, 2006