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A dike who chomps on her girls clitorus
by none June 11, 2003
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Someone that does not eat meat, use leather, eat eggs, etc.
A vegitarian feels bad for the killing of animals and usage of animal products so does not take part in the usage or consumption of either.
-Unidentified sci-fi offerer "Would you like some meat?"

-Unidentified sci-fi reciever "NO!!!, I'm a vegitarian!
by None March 04, 2005
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See ricky da punk
Flask is fat
by None November 19, 2003
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A company which litigates rather than doing anything productive or innovative. Funded by and similar to Microsoft.
SCO sued me again.
by None June 01, 2003
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A gang in Pennsylvania
Yo man, convict is bangin those black and orange flags 'round here. We better stay away.
by None June 15, 2006
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the act of sucking on someone's balls usually refered to as a homosexual act
Dude, those two were tea baggin' last night.
by none December 30, 2004
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Pre-cum from an uncircumcised penis that has been worked up into a frothy / white state.
Pumping his foreskin up and down turned the clear pre-cum into thick scuz.
by none June 15, 2003
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