(n.) A Chomper is someone who talks incessantly, typically in a crowd, annoying the people around him/her. It is especially an issue that comes up at concerts when the music act is on stage performing, and people would really just like to focus on listening to the music, but the Chomper goes on with their useless conversation, oblivious to their surroundings.
Hey, could somebody please tell that Chomper to shut the fuck up? I'm trying to listen to the music.
by Jacaranda July 28, 2019
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The single greatest nickname in the world.
Wow, nice to meet you Chomper. Wanna touch my boob?
by blewnosewrite December 3, 2011
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A term commonly used by baseball players that refers to a chew. Common examples of a "Chomper" may include, but are not limited to: Copenhagen, Skoal, and or Grizzly.
Chipper: Hey bro, can I get a Chomper?

Jones: Naw man, I'm fresh out
by BearTronOmega August 17, 2012
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A big dick guy who likes to eat out women but has a bad temper. Great single word nickname and loves to be squished in big tits.
by Justanothergamer October 13, 2016
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A fat ugly woman. The definition derives from the chocolate bar Chompy.
by Reddas September 6, 2006
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Teeth. They chomp food so they're called chompers.
"Nice chompers Bronwyn"

"He has false teeth, his chompers fell out"
by holloway April 10, 2013
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someone that chomps on the cock. as in swallows/gobbles it.
ben said to a random person.. "oi did you call my mum a chomper?!" kid replies " wat? nooo :( "
by Ben Gipson October 15, 2006
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