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The acting out of the urge to go to the Wendy's drive-thru around 1130-1200 midnight and ordering a dozen Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, 3 Biggie Fries, Six 5-Piece Nuggets with Sweet N Sour Sauce, A Large Frosty, and 2 Biggie Cokes per person and proceeding to consume all of the said food in one sitting in the parking lot, all the while throwing the wrappers and containers out your window so the workers (or birds) have to clean up your mess. Usually preceded by smoking a ton of pot while driving around on a friday or saturday night. Very popular in Southeastern MA.
Alex: "Oh man, I'm fucking baked...let's make it a Wendy's Bender tonight!!!"

Gerry: "Fuck yeh!!! And let's let those poor underpaid workers clean up all our sandwich wrappers off the ground hahaha!!!"
by Noizehed August 30, 2006
Slang word for ebonics. What fake gangsters and whiteboys use to try to sound tough. Little do they know the whole world is laughing at them. Only a moron talks like that.
J-Dog: Yo sup my nig-nigs gon go tada spot ta cop some fry chicken son.

Alex: Hey J-Dog, shut the fuck up with that blackiespeak, you sound like a bloody idiot!!!

J-Dog: Sorry man, I thought it was funny.
by Noizehed August 15, 2006
Exclaimed by the old man in the scene from the classic movie "A Christmas Story" where the Bumpuses' dogs eat the Christmas Turkey.

Is also widely used when something you were looking forward to goes all wrong.
Jake: Hey Kate you're looking FINE tonight wanna go back to my place and have sex all night long?

Kate: Sorry hon I'm on the rag...

Jake: Sonsabitches!! Bumpuses!!
by Noizehed December 19, 2006
Experimental noise-rock band from Brooklyn, NY who formed in the late 90's at the Rhode Island School of Design as an extreme hardcore band a la Man Is The Bastard and later changed their sound to more of an electronic (but still extreme) one. They are best known for their unbelievably loud live performances and otherworldly noise jams. Comprised of Eric Copeland on electronics, percussion, and vocals, Bjorn Copeland on guitars and electronics, and Aaron Warren on electronics, percussion, and vocals. They have released 4 full length albums and countless EP's and are currently signed to DFA records.
The Black Dice show last night was so loud I can't hear so good today, but it was worth it cuz I picked up their new EP.
by Noizehed August 1, 2006
Yet another flavor-of-the-week rapper. New and probably only album "Best Thang Smokin'" dropped on 8/29/2006. Generally represents everything wrong with hip-hop, with poor at best lyrics, no flow, and recycled, unoriginal beats. Support good hip-hop and not trends like "Young Dro" or "Rick Ross."
idiot: yo kid Young Dro is the shizzle, dat new joint Best Thangs Smokin be the bomb son!!!!!

educated person: listen too some real hip hop you fucking wack-ass poser.

idiot: waaaaaaaahhhhh mommyyyyyy!!!!!!
by Noizehed September 4, 2006