Down For Anything. Someone who is always interested in your plan for hanging out. When you suggest something to do they frequently reply, "sounds good".
Kate: "Did you ask Jon or Fairlie if they want to come with us tonight?"
Chris: "Ah, yes I did. Of course those two are always DFA."
by ccastig October 13, 2009
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Designated for assignment, a step that a Major League Baseball team takes in order to send a (soon-to-be former) major league player back to the minors under certain contractual conditions. "DFA" is often used as a verb.
"That player hit his ceiling, so the general manager DFA'ed him."
by Rich M. June 11, 2006
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*Don't Fuck Around*

When nothing else seems to be the right word.
A random filler in conversations.
"So wut you doin' tonight?
"Nuthin, you?"
"...DFA man"
by Me bitchessss. October 23, 2006
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DFA stands for "Down for Anal"
dude 1: "dude i heard that girl is a prude"
dude 2: "Naw, actually she's DFA"
by denfushi November 11, 2007
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DFA stands for Down For Anything, a white version of the saying "if your down".
"My friends and I are so DFA that last week we all stole a cop car."
"You'd do it if your DFA"
by Schnider0 February 3, 2007
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Death from above, A skill in dying light that instantly kills whatever it gets executed on, if its used on the Night Hunter in the games PVP mode (be the zombie) you will slash at the night hunter twice killing him instantly, in dying light bad blood, you will slash at your opponent once and kick them away if their health is greater than 50, otherwise youll do the same 2 slashes.
Kyle crane just DFA'd the night hunter in the middle of our battle!
by dyinglightoverdoser July 3, 2023
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