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to have been a part of the laundry; and is now clean
1) Those shirts are laundrified.
2) The sheets are to be laundrified.
by Noel November 5, 2003
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Originally believed to derive from the name of the town of Kiltimagh in county Mayo, it is considered a derogatory term by Dubliners. Increasingly, it is being reclaimed by the bogtrotters, much as the worldwide gay community has reclaimed the word 'gay'.
Ah, don't be listenin' to da' bleedin' tick; sue he's only a bleedin' culchie.
by Noel December 9, 2003
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The best PF that won't make the hall of fame. The orginal NBA player that started the trend of piercings and tattoos.
who's the baddest NBA Player ever?

by Noel February 27, 2005
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can be used to replace nice. awesome. sweet. bitchin. excellent. rad. ect.
Dude these cheese fries are so good they’re wo mna!
by Noel March 3, 2005
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can be used instead of nice, sweet, awesome, rad, bitchin, excellent, ect.
Dude, those cheese fries are so good they're wo mna.
by Noel March 3, 2005
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