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when you wake up on the kitchen floor after a crazy party, you search the place for the fedora you lost the night before and you book it out of there faster than someone can say "boom goes the dynamite."
Sean: Dude, you were so messed up at the party last night.
Drew: Yea man, I had to Indiana Jones it outta there.
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
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Noun, A Spanish word which directly tranlslates in English to "Linner." Linner is the combination of lunch and dinner.
Juan: Hola Ricardo. ┬┐Quieres comer cena conmigo?
Ricardo: Gracias Juan, pero no puedo. Acabo de comer una almuerzna grande.
by NoMSG May 17, 2010
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a word used in place of "horse shit" when you realize halfway through saying it that you are in the presence of virgin ears.
That's a load of horse-... *sees children nearby* ...wallop! Horsewallop!
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
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1. a way to say you won't take shit from haters.

2. a way to say "let's ride!"

3. a greeting that often confuses people.
1. Nicki: Keys to the benz? Keys to the benz!
Keys: Oh shit, I'd better step up on outta hurr...

2. Sean: Hey, there's a sale on plastic banana guards at WalMart!
Keane: Keys to the benz!

3. Chris: Hey, Drew.
Drew: Keys to the benz.
Chris: .......... ?
by NoMSG October 10, 2010
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used to describe an ugly person that is only attractive because he/she is your coworker.
Drew: What do you think of that new chick at the store?
Keane: Dude, she's a total butterface.
Drew: Well she's lookin' mighty workalicious to me!
by NoMSG September 23, 2010
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This is an interjection cried out at the sight of a party foul so horrible that it abruptly ends the party.

There are a number of ways to commit a party fail, but the most effective is by punching a wall while yelling "Reagan Smash!" or "Party's OVER!" or "I'm a douche!"

You may as well yell the last one, because by committing a party fail, you will be called a douche. Forever.
Brian and Chad tried to end the party with their words, but what really ended it was Sean punching a hole in the wall and yelling "Party's OVER!" That douche committed an epic party fail.
by NoMSG September 10, 2010
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something that is doubly useless.
"My laptop broke down, so I used it as a doorstop. The door slammed shut and hit me in the face! Stupid reuseless Toshiba!"

"Reuseless! It's DOUBLE useless!"
-Double Rainbow Guy
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
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