32 definitions by Nikko

Nick: Hey, wanna go to KFC today?
Tom: Sure. I haven't had great chicken in ages.
by Nikko May 11, 2005
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hyped up
I hate dose loud, roudy kids.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
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Northport's way of saying bounce....like lets go
Let's badoucne outta here!
by Nikko June 23, 2004
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Hocus Pocus
If you know the game Ragnarok Online,
people use the word HP to shorten Hocus Pocus. It is a skill in which a Sage summons a monster and wreaks havoc.
Same goes with HP party.
Novice: OMFG! THE HP SAGE HP'd the n00bs
by Nikko April 13, 2005
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a fine ass person, that look hella good.
Yo, dat female ova derr lookin like a piece.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
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To complain Continuosly.
Kamiyama: Dearest mother. Cromartie high has finally been adapted into an anime. But, when the original work is a manga and is adapted to a cartoon, there are some people who BITCH about things like character design and voice casting... So I thought...
Next example
by Nikko May 11, 2005
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Almost close to Bishoujo or Hentai.
Its just cute girls that appear in CGs.
They also appear in Superdeformed characters, and kawaii overdose.
Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. or

I like reading dengeki comics.
by Nikko May 03, 2005
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