An ancient remedy for disease, affliction and impotence. The Greeks invented this "magical" sauce by adding simple ingredients from the kitchen into a mixing bowl. It goes well on any and all meats, as well as bread.
Guy: "Damn yo.. what's on this meat that's so fly?!"
Chick: "Ahh.. that's tsatziki sauce."
Guy: "Whoooaaa! Quick! Let's get in the bedroom!"
Chick "Ha! And they said only prescription medicine would help!"
by Nidht December 17, 2004
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a greek sauce that's yummy and creamy
he: this Tsatziki chicken from quizznos is so tastey
she: yeah you're so right
by guan September 20, 2005
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When a person does not know the meaning of something.
Guy1: Do you know what homus means?
Guy2: No, what?
Guy1: OMG, so tsatziki...
by Crytbro May 08, 2011
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