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Originating in a Fark.com photoshop contest back in December 2002. The contest began as normal, with the usual clever but innocuous submissions. Until one unfortunate soul attempted to submit a picture of an amended Star Trek magazine cover, with the caption "where no man has gone before". Sadly, the picture that was actually submitted was a graphic close-up of a man with a very large pickle (or more likely, a cucumber) inserted into his ass.

The caption remained.
"That was possibly the biggest mistake ever made by anybody since The Pickle Incident."
by Nick C December 02, 2004
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Military term meaning chocolate starfish, ringpiece, anus, rectum etc. etc.. Comes from
I'd like to unwrap her chocolate orange. Sometimes shortened to just 'Tap it, unwrap it' (Extra clue - reove the foil from a Terry's chocolate orange and look at it from the 'North Pole') - see the resemblance ?
by Nick C March 07, 2003
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A spin off the word 'pwnd'. Boned in common speak.
omgomgomg u got bwnd
by Nick C January 14, 2003
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Also, the National Forensics League. Not to be confused with the one that people give a damn about.
The NFL of debate and forensics sucks compared to the one that you see every Sunday.
by Nick C December 30, 2003
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the female sexual organ i.e. vagina. Often used in conjuction with word `shaven` to describe a women who has no pubic hairs in her groyne area.
That woman had the smoothest shaven haven i've ever licked out - that girl had a completely shaven vagina i.e. brazilian wax
by Nick C May 24, 2004
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