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bwnd was derived from bwn,
which came from a combo of bone and pwn,
and pwn came from own,
and own was derived from cat.

ok, jk about the last part, i just stole that joke from nigahiga -.- ("word of the day - pwned" from nigahiga on youtube)

and i thought i made it up first... but everyone stole the idea from me!
(or maybe im just a slow thinker)
he doesnt bone as much as he should to me...
but i think i can fix that...
just rent a hotel room for a night and treat him nice,

and he'll be bwnd every time he sees me!

(E is the guy, K is the girl)

E: hey babe, you look sexy! *bwns*
K: hi, whats u...*looks down*
E: ... ... ... i have to tie my shoe...
K: aw, dude, youre BBBBWWWWNNNDDDD!!

(...thats heaven)
dedicated to my love(love/sexy stud),

youre pure awesomeness!
i love you, love!! ♥
by E+K July 27, 2009
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Usually used in on-line games. Its the ultimate defeat of another person. It combines the words boned and pwnd. So not only are you pwnd but you are also boned, meaning after you got owned you were raped very hard.
Did you see how I massed archers and rushed that guy. He didn't even have a chance to fight back. I BWND him hard!
by Ezkillaoutthehilla April 27, 2010
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A spin off the word 'pwnd'. Boned in common speak.
omgomgomg u got bwnd
by Nick C January 14, 2003
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