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Australian term, a collective description for any destination outside your local area, ie: far away
"Where does he live?"
"Out woop woop man"

"I can get it for you, but I'll have to mission to woop woop to get it for you
by Nick S May 21, 2004

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A phrase expressing shock at a person's size. Republicans are known to suck the blood of the poor as primary sustenance. Naturally, a Republican may become quite fat when allowed to feast freely on the poor.
Look at that guy walking into Wal-Mart to buy Twinkies! He's fatter than a Republican in a tub full of poor people.
by Nick S December 05, 2004

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A versatile term that can be used to describe almost anything that possesses any of a number of negative properties.
1. That party was so fucking generic.
2. That car is generic.
3. Quit acting generic.
by Nick S December 05, 2004

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A statement indiciating surprise or acknowledging defeat. Blowhole in this context typically refers to the mouth.
You're dumping me?? Well, fuck me in the blowhole!
by Nick S December 05, 2004

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The irreparable harm inflicted on modern civilization by the Fat Race, or, the race of humans who carry enough excess fat to be classified as obese.
I was exposed to the scourge of the fat race when an airplane passenger who sat next to me was overflowing into my seat and cutting off my circulation.
by Nick S December 05, 2004

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The act of becoming perpendicular to something, usually the floor.
My alarm kept going off this morning but I just couldn't gather enough energy to perpendiculate myself.
by Nick S December 05, 2004

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A game which medical experts have suggested may assist youth in losing weight. It seems to consist of jumping around and engaging in a series of moves so ridiculous that a person performing them on any real dance floor would be laughed out of the club.
You couldn't pick up a girl at the club? Maybe it's because you pulled out those DDR moves.
by Nick S December 06, 2004

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