Moana in Maori means Ocean or Sea. In Samoan it means Blue. Moana is not just a disney princess.
"Look at the beautiful ocean!"

"titiro ki te moana ataahua"
by Daisy Tomlinson January 14, 2017
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A movie that has amazing animation but the songs are ear-worms and will get stuck in your head like frozen. A very heartwarming movie.
Person 1:Have you seen Moana?

Person 2:Of course it was amazing.
Person 1:Thank you for appreciating this.
Person 2: You're Welcome. (in the tune of a song)
by EROCKSMC April 03, 2017
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Something you don’t want to see in your Minecraft world.
I saw Moana in my MC world.
by MrPhoton July 27, 2018
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New England term for a woman who is loud and enthusiastic in bed

Pronounced "MOAN-uh"
(conversation via text so pronunciation isn't obvious)
Ben: "Hey dude, did you bang that hot polynesian girl from the bar last night?"
Steve: "Hell yeah bro, she was a real moana!"
Ben: "Uh...isn't that a little racist? That's like calling a random middle eastern guy Aladdin. Not cool."
Steve: "No not the Disney princess, I mean she was moaning up a storm!"
by Nicholas D August 08, 2017
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The queen of oceans, a generous daughter, full of courage, and is beautiful
Moana gave me a seashell once she came from Hawaii
by Radio Disney December 13, 2016
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A lewd play on words for the character Mona Megistus from the widely-played gacha game Genshin Impact. It refers to a gif of moaning Mona. Hence the word Mo(a)na.
Ry: Yo Mona is so hot!
Raynbow: I prefer Moana ; - )
by Gummeh June 24, 2021
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