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Moana in Maori means Ocean or Sea. In Samoan it means Blue. Moana is not just a disney princess.
"Look at the beautiful ocean!"

"titiro ki te moana ataahua"
by Daisy Tomlinson January 14, 2017
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The queen of oceans, a generous daughter, full of courage, and is beautiful
Moana gave me a seashell once she came from Hawaii
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by Radio Disney December 13, 2016
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She's perfect she's smart beautiful sexy outgoing and completely perfect on every level. However she doesn't realize how amazing she is and needs a confidence boost from other people. Should be extremely successful and marry a sexy romantic amazing man. She will have 2 kids a boy and a girl and will be very outdoors kind of people.
Girl 1: I'm so jealous of Moana.
Girl 2:I know she is actually perfect l.
by T bird June 08, 2016
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Moana is always there for you wherever and whenever. She is very beautiful, generous, and outgoing. At times she might need at shoulder to lean on. Other than that she will always be a person you can ask for help.
"Moana, can you help me with something?"
"Of course, what do you need help with?"
by okay_queen October 14, 2017
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A movie that has amazing animation but the songs are ear-worms and will get stuck in your head like frozen. A very heartwarming movie.
Person 1:Have you seen Moana?

Person 2:Of course it was amazing.
Person 1:Thank you for appreciating this.
Person 2: You're Welcome. (in the tune of a song)
by EROCKSMC April 03, 2017
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Moana is one of the greatest Disney princesses of all time and stars in a great movie. She is always leading the way and stays golden. GO MOANA!
Girl, did you see Moana?
Yes and it was amazing!
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by aaaaabbbbcccdde July 29, 2017
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