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Due to the fact that the New York Yankees have won so many championships, 27 as of this definitions posting, it is more acceptable to call the winner of the World Series that year's Yankeeship.
"Championships, we couldn't even call it that. We've got so many of them we might as well call them Yankeeships." LordKaT
by newyy1 April 29, 2010

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noun - A woman who has a job that requires some degree of talent but is hopelessly useless at her job due to the sole fact that she was hired because of her figure rather than her talents, or lack thereof.
That bank teller at Capital One is a total stick with tits, she was completely useless.
by newyy1 September 09, 2011

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When a company tells you they are going to give you an interview and months later they tell you that you didn't get the job without giving you the interview that they promised.
Person 1: Capital One gave me a non-interview today.
by newyy1 April 27, 2011

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Closer to an calling a person, "Einstein," when he makes an overly obviuos remark.
Phil: Hey it's raining out.
Joel: Yes, brilliant deduction, Sherlock Homo.
by NewYY1 August 03, 2006

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