4 definitions by Nat Arnold

A sublevel somewhere between okay and bad.
Person one: How are you feeling today?

Person two: I'm okayish.
by Nat Arnold March 4, 2004
The irrational urge to grope breasts and buttocks.
Person 1: Hey! That chick just pinched my ass!

Person 2: She must have copaphelia.
by Nat Arnold September 25, 2004
The act of commiseration at someone else's plight. To be fentant
Person A: This morning, I accidentally backed over my dog.

Person B: You have my fentantion.
by Nat Arnold January 22, 2004
The state of commiseration for the misfortune of others without assuming blame (apologizing)

Meant to be a substitute for "I'm sorry" at the plights of others.
Person A: My father recently passed away.

Person B: I'm fentant.
by Nat Arnold January 22, 2004