9 definitions by NSFMr2K

1. Parody or satire that's so realistic you can hardly tell it's meant as a joke.

2. Presenting a real idea by parodying it. This type of realody may rely on making fun of something with criticisms that are so obviously wrong, they end up supporting the idea they appear to mock (see also sarcasm).
1. "Welcome to the web site of the American Soda Council."

2. "Gay marriage will never work. If we give them marriage licenses, what'll they want next? Hunting licenses? Driver's licenses?"
by NSFMr2K May 19, 2005
1. The stars will always shine; the birds will always sing. As long as there is thirst, there's always the real thing.

2. "Sex is good, but it's not the real thing." -Adam Carolla
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2004
Not Safe For 56K. A phone line that isn't good enough to get the full connection speed of a 56K modem.
I moved out into the country, and they gave me a NSF56K line!
by NSFMr2K December 3, 2003
Direct Client Connection, a protocol used on IRC to send files between users, create private chats, and make a whiteboard for shared drawing. The DCC handshake is sent through the server (with CTCP), but the file/chat/whiteboard session takes place over a direct connection between the clients--hence the name.

Can also be used as a verb, meaning to send a file using DCC.
"Hey man, DCC me that video of Fred Durst eating his own shit."
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2004
I didn't know how to spell "gonorrhea", so I wrote "ghonorrea" instead.
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2004
Adam Carolla's friendly nickname for David Alan Grier.
Did you hear DAG on Loveline last night? He sure healed a lot of babies!
by NSFMr2K December 29, 2004
To make something smaller. The opposite of embiggen.
A churlish spirit ensmallens the largest man.
by NSFMr2K December 28, 2004