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A mixed alcoholic beverage made of beer, vodka, and country time lemonade. Usually consumed at parties, much like a keg of beer or a bucket of jungle juice.

30 cans of Beer
1 handle (750ml) of Vodka
1 can of Country Time Lemonade mix
Dude 1: "Yo, I heard Nick is having a party tonight"
Dude 2: "Yeah dude, he's making Skippy. We're gonna get smashed."
by NG $tyleZ March 07, 2008
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Used to describe something or someone that sucks.

Can also be shortened to "mm mmmm" so that people don't realize that you are telling them they suck.
"Did you see that movie? It was affle"

Sara: "Hey Jim, do you like my new jacket?"
Jim: "It's pretty mm mmmm"
Sara: "What?"
Jim: "Nothing, forget it"

by NG $tyLeZ February 15, 2008
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A term used to describe a female that weighs under 100 lbs. Exceptions can be made for taller chicks, but never in excess of 110 lbs.

You will often find that these girls also have a TLBA.
Mike: Yo Ding, check out that chick in the cage, her body is tight!

Ding: Aww hellz She's soooo Nicky G Style. Imohasexwiha.
by NG $tyleZ March 13, 2012
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An acronym for Tight Little Boys Ass. Although it sounds weird and perverted, it's actually used to describe a woman's ass. These women (aka Nicky G Style girls) are typically smaller in proportion to the average female, and therefore have smaller asses. Therefore, the term TLBA is used to describe just how small and tight their asses are.
Maggie: Describe your perfect woman.

Davey: 5'4", brown hair, blue eyes, nice breasts...you know...not too big and not too small, and just like a tight little boys ass (TLBA).

(silence overcomes the room...)

Maggie: ooooook.....
by NG $tyleZ December 22, 2011
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An abbreviation for Spanish Tapas.
Jack: Want to get Tapas tonight?

Brielle: Yea, I hear that new Greek restaurant is really good. Let's go there!

Jack: Greek? I thought Tapas where Spanish?

Brielle: Oh, you mean Stapas! I know a great Spanish place as well.
by NG $tyLeZ September 13, 2011
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A soft taco.
Justin: What do you want for dinner?

Gary: Let's get stacos.

Justin: Oh, good call. I love Mexican food.
by NG $tyLeZ September 12, 2011
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Dropping a shot of Robitussin into a glass of Red Bull and chugging.

Similar to a Jager Bomb
"I'm gonna get fucken wasted tonight. I'm gonna drink Heinekens and Robo Bombs all fucken night. Robo Bombs...I fucken shower in that shit."
by NG $tyLeZ July 10, 2008
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