4 definitions by NAPO

An organization of extremely obese and mildly retarded fat people who believe that the world should be fat. They believe in being able to sit on you in airplanes, movie theatres, and think that you should have to pay lots of extra money so they can continue to eat everything they see.
NAAFA is a group of fat pigs. Oink!
by NAPO August 13, 2003
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An overly-horny teenager who cannot get sex off of his or her mind long enough to even function normally.
Dude, your golden retriever is a fuckaholic, get him off my leg!
by NAPO August 14, 2003
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The prostitute pleasured him until CD
by NAPO August 14, 2003
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When NerF says whenever he means: December 24, 2004
Artesh: you said whenever
by NAPO December 24, 2004
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