8 definitions by Myles

The Art of making Love. Doing It...
Ahh....Jesus Is Ready to Make Put-Put...
by Myles March 18, 2003
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n. An atomic device that fails to explode
The Community of Hippies Hugging Trees: You... BASTARD! ::readys Hippie-Nukes::
by Myles May 17, 2004
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A baby who is or will end up being gay.
She had a little gaybie
by Myles March 27, 2004
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One who has sex with dead baby animals that are on fire.
Ryans a Friggin Pyronecropedibestophyl! That Rat Bastard!
by Myles October 19, 2003
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ESPN 8. taken from dodgeball. has many different contexts, from "rare" to totally kick ass.
Yeah, those are pretty ocho. You can never find them around.

Yeah that's fucking ocho.
by Myles January 11, 2005
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Sara Piemontese

AKA Sara Pie

Piemontese- Pie
by Myles March 13, 2004
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When you spot a giraffe strolling down the road with someone called Rafter
we're having Giraffter
by Myles April 21, 2005
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