A word commonly used to finish a conversation i.e. good bye
Person 1: C-ya laterz
Person 2: Rafter buddy!
by retsaw July 21, 2006
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Misplaced Canadian with a penchant for crazy marketing schemes. Lover of pizza and all things Richard. Will sell his soul for one more person to join the builders program.
Buy a builders account or I'll lock OT again.
by RSimmons February 3, 2005
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a bad ass Satan worshiper that kills angels with his cock...used as a metephor or simile
Rafter is so bad ass that Satan hails him

dude you totally pulled a Rafter on that one

Did you just impale an angel with a giant cross covered in sulfuric acid and then poop in his mouth...wow sounds like something rafter would do.
by Anarquista February 13, 2010
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A non-sexual hand job between two male friends, to improve the mood of one of them.
Hi mate, you feeling down?
Do you need a rafter, there's a 50/50 chance it'll help.
by Blindgoat June 20, 2017
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Someone who just recently arrived from Cuba. Many rafters reside in Miami, specifically, in Hialeah.
"Another fucking rafter came in a floating taxi, bro."
by N. L. Soap August 10, 2006
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Ay; onto that lad with the huge head....its laffin mate its just Rafter.
by lloydG90 January 29, 2007
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