30 definitions by MrEMan Mike M (MEM)

When someone looks hot in a mask only, And not so much once the mask comes off
Wow she was maskhot, I sure was fooled by that part of her face being covered
by MrEMan Mike M (MEM) December 17, 2021
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-She is so ridiculous about her expectations, Its down right ricockulous.

-She is so hot, Its ricockulas if she thinks I'm not going to stare at her body when she dresses like that.
by MrEMan Mike M (MEM) May 29, 2019
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When a person or animals face has markings or discoloration resembling poo splatter
Did you see the pooface on her?
by MrEMan Mike M (MEM) June 14, 2019
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Stop being such a poohole about it, And just admit that I am right.
by MrEMan Mike M (MEM) May 29, 2019
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