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Something that is positive and yet gay at the same time.
Gaylord: "Did you hear they legalized gay marriage in California?"
Armande: "Good for them, that's fruitastic!"
Gaylord: "Not to change the subject, but what do you think of the paisley ascot I'm wearing."
Armande: "That too, is fruitastic."
by Mr. Softey January 26, 2009

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A room that is awash with a lingering, beefy aroma that is usually associated with the massive ingestion of meat products and the flatulence produced by them.
"Let's try to stay upwind of Beeftown until the fog clears."

"The mayor of Beeftown shits on a throne of lies."

"Welcome to Beeftown, population: you."

"Mauro and his family are summering in Beeftown and they're having quite a lovely time."
by Mr. Softey January 22, 2009

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A scientific theory which explains that regularly eating butter, even a small pat, will eventually turn you into a fat butterball.
At the 10 year High School Reunion.....

Gerard: Hey check out Sylvia, she's a total hefer! She used to be hot, what happened?

Chuck: Dude, It's called the Butterball Effect, all those empty fat calories have wreaked their damnable havoc on her once fine physique.

Gerard: Say what now?
by Mr. Softey January 25, 2009

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The opposite of a gravy train job where you do nothing all day, a biscuit train usually requires full effort.
"I'm gettin' too old to be riding this biscuit train everyday!"

I'm dead tired from riding the biscuit train all day.

"Suck it up boys! We're on a biscuit train with gravy wheels!"
by Mr. Softey January 23, 2009

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An act of sexual mischief. Up to no good in a naughty fashion.
"I thought Marcus was me best mate, but he was up to all manner of ballcockery with me wife."

"Methinks Ted and Alice are engaged in acts of wanton ballcockery."

"Wouldst thou join me in a bit of ballcockery, love?"

by Mr. Softey January 23, 2009

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A card player who has amassed a large collection of, mostly red poker chips. Since reds are the lowest valued chip, it makes you look like you have a lot of money when you really don't.
"Another massive three dollar pot taken down by Johnny Redchips!"

"Can anybody break a five? Johnny Redchips is cashing out."

"You see my dollar and raise me a quarter? Why, that's too rich for my blood, Johnny Redchips!"
by Mr. Softey January 23, 2009

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An ungodly brick of pink popcorn that is case hardened and sold to the unknowing masses at the circus, carnival, fair, etc.
When I was a kid I used to love circus popcorn, but now it tastes like shit on a stick!
by Mr. Softey January 26, 2009

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