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A reluctantly human being with an IQ of over 130.
"Only two things are Infinite: the Universe, and the peoples stupidity. And Im not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

"Wow, do you reckon all geniuses are misanthropists?
by Mr. Hatter June 14, 2011
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Its not quite a vulture, and its not quite a bookshelf...but its something in between.
This Tea Party is wonderful, Mr. Hatter. Theres not a poggermehoffin in sight.
by Mr. Hatter June 13, 2011
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A human being who is shocked by the Holocaustal attitudes present in other contributors to this definition.

Homeless is an adjective describing someone who, through their own fault OR through discrimination (see Fascism) has no permanent shelter.

They are often the subject of Fascism and grotesque misunderstandings from softer, less masculine and more fortunate people who have not been in their position.
There are two kinds of Homeless person: heroine addicted scumbags, and down-trodden equivalents to the third world poverty of Africa.

Women dont sleep with homeless people.

Homeless people constitute a significant proportion of suicides.
by Mr. Hatter June 14, 2011
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Dialect and inflection spoken by misanthropic and cynical bohemians and wise, primitivist travelers. Made famous by The Mad Hatter, March Hare and the Dormouse, who were the only ones present at the time. Had we KNOWN she was coming, though...
I say...I dont like your banter! Or. I dont like banter at all, which means yours is clearly excellent. You must speak Tea Party around here, or youll fall behind the TAZ...
by Mr. Hatter June 13, 2011
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