10 definitions by Mr. Gupta


For a person who does not want to go to bed, or go to school the next morning, the short versions of it are "enaatomopoude" or for a shorter "enaat".
"jay was being a enaatomopoudentheleinapaeistoscholeioinapaeigiaypno, because he had a English test tomorrow"
by Mr. Gupta November 21, 2022
To hog the covers in a bed
" My friend, was being a decken at the sleepover"
by Mr. Gupta November 21, 2022
not having or representing human qualities or qualities
"a few awkward, Gumfoolish moments"
by Mr. Gupta April 14, 2022
Meaning: A music so good it makes you cry
Person 1: This song is amazing

Person 2: It a Supermusica!
by Mr. Gupta April 29, 2022
a person viewed with suspicion, especially as a rival or danger
"what has happened to the Hýe?"
by Mr. Gupta April 23, 2022