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A cashgrabbing, penny-whoring, satanic reincarnation of Time Warner Cable that gives retarded prices for retarded products for the purpose of trapping poor old people into taking into their crappy deals.

A shittier version of Verizon.
John: Hey I just subscribed to Spectrum today!
Nick: Are you stupid? You’re getting scammed, Verizon is where its at.
by January 05, 2019
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Aug 11 Word of the Day
You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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1. A continuous distribution of colored light produced when a beam of white light is dispersed into its components, e.g. by a prism.

2. A range of radiation frequencies that have a particular property.

3. A visual record of the wavelengths of the radiation or particles emitted (see Emit) by a substance, used as a means of analyzing its physical properties such as energy and mass.

4. A range of values, especially one with opposite values at its limits.

5. The range of organisms that an antibiotic can kill.

1. A buautiful spectrum.
2. There's several spectrums in the air.
3. On the spectrum you can see the wavelengths of the radiation or particles emitted by the strange object.
4. A spectrum of opinions between the policital parties.
5. This antibiotic has a large spectrum.
by Jafje September 05, 2007
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A spectrum is the product of white light being shown through a prism. For those who appreciate all colors and are incapable of picking a single favorite; they may say 'spectrum'. Anyone with a basic education can put it together.
What is your favorite color?
by carefreeze February 18, 2009
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literally meaning on the autism spectrum, used to refer to slow people who can’t function like normal humans
I had to explain the joke to Frank 8 times I swear that kids spectrum.
by itsbritneybiotch May 24, 2018
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A place in Irvine, California. Short for The Irvine Spectrum. A great place for scenster or straight edger who dont have anything better to do. Closes early yet most kids tend to stick around and chat smoke etc.
Person A- "Man I'm bored"

Person B-"Hey I know, let's go watch a movie at the spectrum"

Person A- "Dude we did that yesterday"

Person B-"Have any better ideas?"
by Shaunana July 21, 2006
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The degree to which you're getting high, usually on marijuana (like a lil dankster).

The spectrum is as follows:

Retarded-"Tryna get retarded like______." (insert name of famous retarded person)

Paralyzed-"Lookina get paralyzed like______." (insert name of famous paralyzed person"

Assainated-"Bouddaget assassinated like______". (insert name of famous person who's been assassinated)
"Broski, you tryna get spectrum?"

"Yee, dogg. Tryna get paralyzed tonight yeeeyuhh"
by Paralitic State of Mind December 24, 2011
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