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The best anime/manga character ever created!

A character from the anime/manga Wolf's Rain, Toboe is a young wolf in a post apopolyptic world searching for Paradise with three other, older wolves-Kiba, Tsume and Hige. All the wolves have the ability to cast illusions in order to appear human. He was found by a kind elderly lady when he was few weeks old and raised by her (until he accidently killed her whilst playing) resulting in Toboe having a much more positive attitude towards humans than the other wolves. Despite being haunted by the old woman's death, he is easily the most friendly of the wolves, if somewhat naieve. In human form, Toboe appears to be about fourteen years old, with shoulder length reddish brown hair, and wears a pink/red shirt with brown eyes, trousers and boots. As a wolf he is russet brown with yellow eyes. In both human and wolf form he wears silver bracelets (on his right arm in human form and his front right leg in wolf form) which he got as a present from the old lady who raised him.
Toboe means "Howling" in Japanese.
"Toboe is awesome!!!!"-Person one.
"Yeah, did you see the episode where he fought the giant walrus?!"-Person two.
by Ano170 December 18, 2010
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